The chain of restaurants Yummy House, based in Hong Kong, has turned its attention to Animal Crossing to advertise in pandemic times.

Yummy House, which is also active in Europe, offered 20.000 HKD (almost 2.400 €) for the creation of an island entirely dedicated to the company. There is only one requirement to participate: have at least 100 hours of gameplay on Animal Crossing.

The game Nintendo it is experiencing a spike in popularity, helped by the pandemic and the restrictive measures that governments around the world have taken to contain it. Players have found a way to escape reality from its quiet gameplay. Many have also managed to use the game to replace events that can no longer be held in real life: weddings, degrees, but also demonstrations.

Regarding the initiative Yummy House said:

“We started thinking about it in January. The pandemic has forced many home to Hong Kong, many companies have closed and many have been out of work. We thought that since people aren't too busy, we could give it to them an opportunity to earn something and at the same time advertise it "

Second Quartz which first reported the news, more than 230 requests to participate in the initiative arrived.