CapcomOnce upon a time Street Fighter, the 2D fighting game that depopulated in the 90s and was by far the hit series in Capcom. Then the Playstation 3D came, it was born resident evil and things started to take a different turn.

Over the years, the famous horror saga has proven itself more and more a sales success and ended with overcoming the famous fighting game, ended in the rear. Today, although Street Fighter is still a fairly successful streak, it has also been surpassed by Monster Hunter, while Resident Evil has more than doubled its sales.

To confirm it came a report of Capcom, which communicated the data relating to the number of copies sold by its main franchises:

  1. Resident Evil - 98 million
  2. Monster Hunter - 63 million
  3. Street Fighter - 44 million
  4. Mega Man - 36 million
  5. Devil May Cry - 22 million
  6. Dead Rising - 13 million

To report the figure relating to Monster Hunter, rather surprising considering that the saga only saw the light with the Playstation 2 era.