CrucibleAmazon and Relentless Studios have released three gameplay video of the new free to play shooter, Crucible. The focus of these are the three game modes present at day one.

In Heart of the Hives, two four-player teams will battle to face dangerous nest creatures and reclaim their hearts. The first team to score three takes the game home.

Alpha Hunters instead it is a last man standing mode (a sort of mini battle royale) where eight pairs of hunters will have to fight each other until only one remains. During the matches it will also be possible to establish temporary alliances with the opposing teams.

Finally, in the mode Harvester Command, two eight-player teams will fight for possession of essence extractors. These generate points based on how many keep under their control and the first team to score 100 points wins the game.

Crucible will arrive on PC on May 20th and, as mentioned, will adopt a free to play model.