While the constructed mode of Hearthstone is experiencing one of the more revolutionary periods since the end of the beta, Blizzard continues to bring news to the new one Battle mode. With the new update arriving Tuesday, May 12, three new heroes will enter the battlefield. A new servant will also accompany them, replacing the Alfa Metalupo in Bob's Inn.

The new heroes will be immediately available to those who purchased the Pass Inn. The rest, however, will have to wait a couple of weeks, until May 26th. Here are the new features of battlegronunds in patch 17.2:

Lady Vashj

  • Evolutionary Electricity [Passive]: After you upgrade Bob's Inn, replace his minions with others of higher Inn level.


Maiev Cantombroso

  • Imprisonment [Cost 1]: Returns Sleepy a servant in Bob's Inn. After two turns, you get it with + 1 / + 1.

Kael'thas Solealto

  • Green spheres [Passive]: Every third minion you buy gets + 2 / + 2.

These heroes will be accompanied by a new servant. Alfa direwolf leaves us to make room for Rabbi Sauroliscocard that will surely increase the popularity of the Death Rattle mechanic.

HUNTER_BGS_075_enUS_RabidSaurolisk-62162.pngfor other minor improvements that the patch will bring, you can consult the full patch notes on the Hearthstone website.