One of the games presented during the Xbox Inside dedicated to the Xbox Series X was The Medium, developed by Bloober Team and one of the titles that intrigued most. In fact, horror seems take full advantage of the hardware features of the Microsoft console and the developers confirmed it, stating that The Medium would be impossible to have on current consoles.

Second lead game designer Wojciech Piejko during the game's design was chosen to make the title a game only for the next gen: The Medium is in fact based on features that could not be offered on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The characteristic in particular, according to the authors' words, would be that which allows the persistence of two parallel worldswhich has even been patented:

The gameplay is based on the two parallel worlds and could not be realized on the current generation hardware. This is one of the things that will set The Medium apart from any other game, it is also patented.

We are really curious to find out more: already sinceInside Xbox Bloober Team horror turned out to be among the most interesting titles. Knowing, however, that we are probably facing the first real next gen game for the Xbox Series X can only capture all our hype.