The 2020 of NintendoExcept for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it doesn't look the brightest. Aside from a few games whose release date we don't know yet (and which could also be postponed given the world situation), we don't have any titles pending for Nintendo Switch.

To clarify was the president Shuntaro Furukawa that, during the session of questions and answers with investors, said that there are other games on the Nintendo Switch in this period and which have not yet been announced.

Here are his words:

Many workers from Nintendo and our partners are working from home during this period. Considering that the work environments between home and office are quite different, it may become more difficult to publish our games in line with our current program if the situation is prolonged.

At present, however, we expect that we will be able to publish our games according to the initial schedule.

As said initially, currently the situation for Nintendo Switch is not the brightest and the cancellation of E3 is not a good omen. The Japanese company will know how amaze his fans?