As many of you know, the saga of Assassin's Creed was born from the ashes (and from one demo) of the saga of Prince of Persia, abandoned by Ubisoft after an attempt to reboot of the brand in 2008. However, a video recently found amidst the immense archive of YouTube shows us yet another reboot of the brand that never hit the shelves.

In the video, uploaded back in 2012 and found by the sector analyst Daniel Ahmad, we can see a title that abandons the cartoon style of the first reboot to bring us back to a realistic-like setting, invaded by spooky monsters e tentacles. According to Ahmad, the Prince of Persia: Redemption title was canceled during an initial pre-production phase, but it was still an inspiration for the team of Assassin's Creed 3.

What can we say, if yesterday we brought you to the whole of a possible future, today we use ours sands of time to take you back to the past.