Like every Thursday, we are always ready to reveal which titles it makes available for free theEpic Games Store for our Free is Beautiful.

La last week it was the turn of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and crash Lands; today the Epic Games Store offers its users the puzzle game Death coming.

Developed by Next Studios e Sixjoy, the game was released for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 platforms by the publisher Zodiac Interactive (the mobile version was published by Google Commerce Ltd).

Death Coming is proposed as a puzzle game in which you control a boy, who passed away, finds himself to be the assistant of the Grim Reaper, and with him you will be engaged in the work of collecting souls.

Here is the description on the page dedicated to the game:

New game system, unique puzzles. You will take the role of God and make death run its course. Search, use the mouse, kill and collect souls. Regardless of whether it's right or wrong, it's up to you to find your way!

Partial sandbox mode, non-linear game system. Lots of themes and numerous places to play, hundreds of dangerous particular objects await you! You can use the items yourself or try to combine them to create real "accidents". Arm yourself with enthusiasm and click the mouse to collect souls!

Death Coming offers the player a lot space and creativity, in which even the most useless and harmless objects present in the scenario can prove to be lethal weapons and traps, leading to original and bizarre fatal accidents.

To continue in the levels, we will have to deliver the souls of three main targets that the Grim Reaper has assigned us; also once you reach the end of the game, it will be determined by some choices we have made.

Death Coming is available from now until next Thursday, and you can download it for free through this link.