Typhoon studios, just a short time ago, he had been able to amaze each of us with his unexpected, lively and crazy game that recently got his first expansionJourney To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage. The additional content manages to make us savor again the bizarre atmosphere of the title, as well as reproducing the same original and captivating design of the original adventure. All this, it is right to say from the outset, however, is not without certain uncertainties, which prevent this new episode from expressing its potential at its best. If from the gameplay point of view there are no significant deviations from the main work - and indeed we can find some particularly interesting additions - it is the narrative sector that comes out with decidedly less grit than what we were used to seeing just a few months ago .

Welcome to DL-C1

Yes, as it is easy to guess from the name of the biome on which Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage is based, it is still light-hearted irony who had accompanied us to mistress. The additional content is accessible even if you have not completed the main story yet, as long as you have reached the third biome within the base game. Returning to Javelin, the destination appears immediately among the places reachable by teleportation. In this context, however, I believe it is right to warn you: in order to fully enjoy the experiences and challenges that the content has to offer, the advice is to go to DL-C1 not at the end of the adventure, but in media res, trying to achieve a reasonable balance of the resources and skills obtained so far. Going to the new biome too early is the same as complicating life. Conversely, jumping into exploration at the end of the main game involves one slight decrease the difficulty, doing little justice to the efforts and commitment of the developers. Of course, this is almost an end in itself, given that most of you have already completed the main story, but trying does not harm. Whatever the time of access to DL-C1, however, as soon as we enter the biome we find ourselves no less than on the beach of ..Boomerdale. Obviously, references to a certain generational category they are quite evident, and they manage to tear much more than a laugh.

Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage

More variety, more quality

Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage makes the variety of settings one of its main strengths: besides the initial beach, it is in fact possible to explore truly varied settings. We go from one forest covered with glowing lava up to land in areas poisonous, inhospitable and radioactive. In short, the diversity of places to explore is certainly not lacking and to enrich the overall offer there are new species of plants and above all of creatures ready to give us a hard time. The flora and fauna have therefore been enriched, albeit borrowing many features from the basic models of the original game. This is certainly not a serious shortcoming, but it would have been reasonable to expect something more, at least from this particular point of view. The overall result, however, satisfies and succeeds in astound, giving the same sensations found during the main adventure.

Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage

More exploration means more movement

Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage also expands possibility of movement of our character, without forgetting to provide him with new upgrades and new components for the equipment. Upgrades, as usual, can be purchased at Javelin, although it is necessary to use our dear, old stocks of silicon, aluminum and carbon. In addition, our indomitable astronaut can rely on a significant enhancement of the available equipment, thanks to the power-ups available for the gun and helmet. In addition to this, there is also the possibility of further increasing the Max health. To achieve these improvements, however, you need to do some quest secondary and some main ones, which to tell the truth do not require a particular commitment, at least in terms of time. The difficult and poisonous areas mentioned above can then be rendered harmless, and therefore easily explored, thanks to a special suit upgrade, which allows us to pass through these inhospitable environments without necessarily having to leave our feathers (or any other part of our body, depending on the character you have chosen). Furthermore, within the new biome we are able to move decisively more fluid and dynamic, especially due to the introduction of purple bubbles which allow us, when intercepted, to glide in the air for a certain period of time. If the exploration was, previously, one of the focal points of the adventure, now the same has been further perfected and enriched with possibilities. This is certainly a considerable strength of the package and in this sense a must be done great applause to developers who have been able to develop, in the right direction, one of the main advantages of the original game.

Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage

All that glitters is not gold

As anticipated in the opening, the main Achilles heel of Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage is represented by narrative sector. If it is true that not even the plot that interested the basic adventures stood out for originality and complexity, this managed to reserve some unexpected expedient that contributed to raising the value of the narrative. The same, unfortunately, cannot be said for what awaits us on DL-C1: the events are in fact excessively flat. They are still sarcastic and irreverent, yes, but without the bite of the original game, also thanks, perhaps, to an excessive simplicity of the same. This element of weakness ends up find expression even in the main nemesis of the game, Kronus. This is an AI whose goal is to absorb energy from the main local source, Mount Krung, in order to be able to destroy the planet through the gradual release of toxic substances capable of compromising the ecosystem. Needless to say, the motivations behind the antagonist's behavior are decidedly trivial and anything but profound and the result is a decidedly excessive simplification even if one considers the nature of the game in question. Uninspiring ends up being also the boss fight final, which can be completed without much difficulty. We must also consider that the longevity of the DLC leaves to be desired: wanting to bring out our completist spirit at all costs, the content can be easily completed 100% in about 6-7 hours of play. Nothing to shout about the scandal, it is clear, even if a slightly more substantial duration would certainly not have spoiled.

A welcome return

Journey To The Savage Planet Hot Garbage represents a valid and above all experience able to entertain. Net of some uncertainty, mainly represented by a villain not very charismatic and an overall duration not exactly the best, this additional content still deserves to be downloaded, tried and valued, especially if we consider the low selling price of only 7,99 euros. Especially if you miss the atmosphere and style of the boys' work Typhoon studiosyou shouldn't miss it. Put the hesitation aside and work to download ... uh, get to DL-C1.