Polymega it took a long time, but it finally arrived on the market. The console that wants to be there definitive solution for the retrogaming it is in the hands of those who made the preorder. A beta to ensure that all planned systems are functioning properly.

Polymega is a modular retro gaming console. The basic body is able to read the games of all the main CD consoles. With the addition of some modules, sold separately, you can also see the cartridge games working.

From PS1, to Sega Megadrive passing through NES and SNES, Polymega will be able to emulate dozens of systems, with an endless title park, over 9000 games.

With the first consoles available to users, the first ones also appeared videos on YouTube, with the console performances. There are undoubtedly still problems to be fixed, but the first news seems encouraging. In particular, many have noted the excellent work done with the emulation of the Sega Saturn.