Five Nights At Freddy's has been around for perhaps longer than it should have lasted, but the chapter of the series released for devices VR, Help Wantedcertainly helped to bring fresh air to the franchise. Given the success of this experiment, the developer Steel Wool Studios has well thought to bring the title also on Nintendo Switch (as the original trilogy), holding back the announcement for an official presentation. Except that, as often happens, Nintendo made a small distraction mistake.

The page of dedicated to Five Nights At Freddy's: Help Wanted on Switch has in fact gone online earlier than expected, ruining everyone's surprise. Steel Wool Studios then followed up with a tweet where he communicates that yes, the porting will arrive in a few weeks. Although it wasn't the exciting reveal they probably expected, it still remains welcome news for all fans of the series. The VR goes well with the gameplay of the franchise and, even if Switch does not have it, it can still compensate with its very useful gyroscope.