The month of May arrives and our island of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is filled with new creatures. Here is our monthly article that reminds you which insects and fish you must have caught within the next month, plus a mention to new valuable prey. This time the list is short, but no less demanding.

loach: This river fish is available all day and appears with a small shadow. It is only worth 400 Little Stars, but if you don't catch one by May then you will have to wait until next March. And then "it's always better to take colitis."

REMO FISH: The oar fish, the protagonist of numerous memes and images on social media, is fished in the sea of ​​your island, at all hours of the day. It is worth 9000 Stelline and shows itself with a huge shadow, the largest possible. He will return in December.

GOLDEN TROUT: Here the problems begin: golden trout is a very rare fish. You can fish at the top of the river, in the higher parts of your island, and it is worth 15.000 Bells. It appears with a medium shade from 16 to 9 am and often several baits are needed to catch it. Good luck: in case you can't, we'll talk about it again in September.

CRICKET TAUPE: This insect is worth 500 little stars and can be found all day underground. To get it you have to dig when you hear its characteristic noise, which is reminiscent of that of crickets.

Other noteworthy preys

Numerous new valuable creatures have been added, so May promises to be a good month. Here are the most relevant.

DOLPHINFISH: Big valuable fish that can be caught from the pier all day long. The shade is the same size as the sea bass, unfortunately. With its bright colors, it will be an excellent addition to the museum. Or for our portfolio.

PURPLE EMPEROR BUTTERFLY: A beautiful colored butterfly, perhaps the most beautiful so far, which is located between 4 am and 19 pm and sells for 3000 Little Stars

SCORPIO: The new arrival that completely replaces the tarantula. It is also found at night (19 - 4 in the morning) and is worth 8000 Little Stars. If the player holds the net, he can be aggressive and attack.