Reddit it's a truly magical place. Not so much for the amount of arguments that one can find in it (that is a kind of inheritance given by the old online forums), but mostly because of the possibility of monopolize the portal with real debates. And today, the community of The Elder Scrolls discusses ...penny.

The Elder Scrolls GameplayThe user's post GoodOld3C, it opens in a way goliardic talking about a sort of discussion with his peers about the length of the genitals of the male characters that are part of the RPG saga created by Bethesda.

"All of this is open to discussion, but I would prefer that you bring evidence rather than personal preference."

This was the phrase that instigated the community to research within the lore of the game to draw up an actually valid list. Currently, the first in the rankings are part of the breed of Orcs with well- 17 in length, while in the tail we find i Bosmer us 9.

What can I say, as always the Internet turns out to be a place where information covers all areas, even those where the sun does not shine.