May 29 will come up Nintendo Switch the expected Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, remastered version of the masterpiece originally released on Wii. The game, in addition to a renewed graphic sector, improvements to the menus and some game mechanics, will also offer an additional epilogue called “A common future”Which, therefore, will add another piece of history.

This new epilogue, however, will not only have news on the plot front, but also on the gameplay. As far as possible read on the description of the download cards sold in Japan, “A common future includes an additional mission that reveals Melia's fate. You will find a new battle system which uses Nopon reinforcements and a new map. "

According to what we learned, as happened with Torna and Xenoblade Chronicles 2, also in "A common future" we will have a different combat system than the rest of the adventure. What news will await us? We will have the answer in late May.