We have arrived at the launch day of Snowrunner. The simulative title of offroad is therefore available from today on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

SnowRunner puts you driving powerful off-road vehicles and allows you to conquer extremely hostile environments thanks to the most advanced terrain simulator ever. Drive 40 vehicles from brands like Ford, Chevrolet and Freightliner. Get ready to make your mark in a completely open and unexplored world. Overcome mud, torrential waters, snow and frozen lakes, while accepting contracts and dangerous missions. Expand and customize your fleet with numerous upgrades and accessories.

In addition to a huge number of basic contents, already included in the game today, SnowRunner will expand thanks to a series of updates and mods, some mods are already available now for PC and will be released later also for consoles.

The developers also made one available page which lists all the mods for the PC version already available today. Finally, remember to read the our review by SnowRunner.