AFIC - Association of Italian Film Festivals throws aFree Application to navigate through the constellation of film festivals belonging to the Association and present on the Italian territory, discovering them one by one.

The AFIC app, available on Google Play e Apple Store and realized with the contribution and patronage of the General Directorate of Cinema and Audiovisual - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, represents the natural continuation of the effort of promotion and dissemination of festivals that the Association has been carrying out since its inception. An indispensable tool with a view to an ever greater interconnection between cinematographic events that adapt to new technologies.

The app allows you to move between over 75 events scattered throughout the peninsula, with a quick consultation of detailed cards for each event and an interactive calendar able to immediately show the next festival and the closest one in the area. Furthermore, it allows you to be updated on industry news and will soon be equipped with a function that will allow the public to evaluate the festival in which it is participating.

AFIC thus finds an additional way of staying alongside its members, not only by supporting their needs and requests before the main sector institutions but also by providing a innovative promotional tool that underlines the variety and essential cultural value of each of the cinematographic events represented.