Final Fantasy XIV returns to wait for the universe of Nier thanks to patch 5.3. What can we expect from this new collaboration?

"Reflections in Crystal ", this is the name of the new update, continues the plot of the Shadowbringers expansion, and introduces the next chapter of the alliance raid series YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse.

In addition to optimizing the game to provide a more intuitive experience for new players, the new update includes:

  • New missions for the main story: the curtain rises on the final act of the main story of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers;
  • Update to the main story of A Realm Reborn: The main story of A Realm Reborn will be updated to offer new players an optimized experience as they progress towards Heavensword and beyond. Additionally, players will be able to fly to areas of A Realm Reborn after completing the "The Ultima Weapon" mission;
  • A new raid of the YoRHa alliance: Dark Apocalypse: after The Copied Factory, this new NieR-inspired alliance raid, titled The Puppets Bunker, will continue to unravel the mysteries of biomachines in the First;
  • New The Heroes' Gauntlet dungeon: players will be able to face it together with their adventurous friends or a team of NPCs using the Trust system;
  • New Trial: groups of eight players will be able to face this new and exciting Trial battle in normal or extreme difficulties;
  • Updates to Save the Queen missions: Players will be able to improve the weapons obtained in the first chapter of this series of missions as they explore a new area. In addition, new large-scale battles will be added as part of the update;
  • New Chronicles of a New Era mission: The Sorrow of Welt: as part of the Ruby Weapon series, players can have fun with a narrative experience that will culminate in a special battle;

  • Updates to the Ishgard Restoration: the third phase of the Restoration begins thanks to the efforts of the Skybuilders. Skybuilder Ranking returns with new objects to be created and new goals for those who contribute more to the Restoration;
  • New Beast Tribe missions: a new series of missions for crafters with dwarfs;
  • New updates of the New Game +: Players will now be able to rediscover the updated main story of A Realm Reborn and other missions with the current character and level;
  • New Unreal Trials battle content: Players will be able to challenge primals enhanced by previous expansions that are ready to fight against level 80 heroes. By defeating the primal each week, players will have the opportunity to complete a new minigame, and whoever triumphs will receive tokens to spend in return. of prizes;
  • Updates for crafters and gatherers: among the various novelties for crafters and gatherers we find new personalized deliveries, updates to Rowena's House of Splendors and an update to the series of Skysteel Tools missions;
  • Changes to professions for PvE and PvP, system updates and more.

As you can see, there are many innovations introduced by this full-bodied update. What do you think, are you a Final Fantasy XIV player or are you not interested in this MMORPG? Let us know with a comment!