Square Enix has finally updated the PC version of Final Fantasy XII, removing Denuvo and adding the exclusive features of the latest title iterations.

About a year ago the twelfth chapter of the series landed on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One bringing as a dowry an exclusive function highly appreciated by the players. We are talking about the reset of Job Systems, thanks to which you can easily run for cover in case of errors in the evolution of your characters or, more simply, change class for the most disparate needs. The sets dedicated to Gambit system.

The removal of the DRM Denuvo aims to eliminate all critical issues related to the Steam version of Final Fantasy XII, caused precisely by the presence of the invasive protection system.

Some users however, they are denouncing several compatibility issues of the new update with previously installed mod. In case you have therefore installed any kind of mod, the advice is to wait to carry out the update in question.