Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most popular games on PlayStation 4, with the sales that have certainly rewarded Guerrilla Games: over 10 million copies have made Sony happy that it has given the go-ahead for new chapters, apparently composing a trilogy.

Second some voicesobviously unofficial, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 it has been in development since after the launch of the first chapter, from the moment when the general enthusiasm manifested itself on the web. Initially the new chapter should have been released on PlayStation 4, but then moved to PlayStation 5 where developers will be able to take advantage of the greater power to integrate everything they want.

Many ideas discarded from the first chapter will indeed be introduced in this sequel, as well as a much larger world e the co-op, which will give gameplay more variety.

Obviously, as already said, we are faced with rumors and none of this has been confirmed by Sony or Guerrilla Games. We will see when the Japanese company will present the titles for PlayStation if it will be really present too Horizon Zero Dawn 2.