505 Games has announced the official launch date of Book of Demons, hybrid hack & slash title with card game themes, coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The title will be available in its console version starting from April 30 2020.

Book of Demons is a hybrid between an adventure and a deck-building game, partly a tribute to the most famous Hack & Slash and partly a parody, offering an alternative point of view on the classic tale of good and evil, where it is necessary. save the world from the ultimate devilry. By wielding magic cards in place of weapons and eliminating armies of darkness in procedurally generated dungeons beneath the Old Cathedral, the game incentivizes players to tailor their playing hand using items, spells and abilities, as well as a variety of different bonuses and power-ups .

Also there is a bonus preorder, only for the Nintendo Switch version of the title, equal to 20% discount on the purchase price; the latter set at 24,99 euros.