PAX West 2020, unlike most of this year's events, will be held regularly. What do the organizers think?

The pandemic of Covid-19 has forced the organizers of the largest global events to suspend the 2020 edition (for example, we can mention the E3, Gamescom and Comic-Con of San Diego), but not all of them give in the face of viruses. Let's talk about the PAX West 2020 which, as per press release, will be held regularly in Seattle next September.

We are quite calm at this time of year but, since we had several questions from fans and exhibitors, we wanted to let everyone know that we are still busy setting up PAX West on the occasion of the next Labor Day (4 - 7 September) . We will update our website with more information on tickets and hotels in May. Our priority is your safety and this obviously also extends to public health issues. We will continue to monitor the situation and work with health officials at all levels of government and plan to follow all CDC and WHO guidelines as they are released. That said, the actions already taken by our convention center and local government have left us quite optimistic and we will continue to work with them to make sure we take the correct steps all summer long.

A too optimistic vision, or well studied? Tell us yours in the comments space.