Super Mario Maker 2 returns to update after about a year from its official launch date. L'updating, arriving tomorrow, allows create whole game worlds.

Thanks to ' World Maker Update players will have the opportunity to combine their levels in a navigable game map conceptually similar to what is seen in each 2d chapter of the Whiskered Plumber. From tomorrow they will therefore be able to unite well with each other 8 worlds of game, each containing up to 40 levels. Each world will obviously be customizable by adding aesthetic elements to the thematic levels. It will also be possible to provide hidden bonus scenarios.

As part of the same update, they will also be added to Super Mario Maker 2 other elements as new upgrades, cosmetics and new enemies that can be used in creating levels.

The second chapter of the Nintendo series is further enriches therefore. It will be interesting to understand if this update program free will continue to be supported.