One of the series Netflix the most followed and loved is Peaky Blinders, which tells the story of the famous Birmingham criminal gang who acted since the first post-war period.

A systematic review Futurlab and the publisher Digital Curve they officially announced Peaky Blinders Mastermind, videogame adaptation of this Netflix series.

The videogame, written in collaboration of the creator of the series Steven Knight, It will be a prequel of the events narrated in the first season: we will be able to follow the rise of Tommy as a gangster and as a householder, and how the Shelby family is committed to foiling a plan that aims to expel them from the criminal tour of the city.

The title will be a puzzle adventure game, where we will be able to count on the skills and the various characteristics of the characters to solve the puzzles that will be proposed to us: Arthur for example, he is an expert in fights, while Polly she is a skilled burglar.

The game is slated for release summer su PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC ( page Steam of the game is already available) and Nintendo Switch.