We hadn't heard from for a while Michael Pachter on any topic regarding the gaming world, but now it's back. The well-known market analyst has in fact expressed himself on Nintendo and its "unexpressed potential": According to Pachter, in fact, the Japanese company should create a sort of Apple Arcade, in order to offer the vast catalog of titles available.

These are his words:

Nintendo has one thing that no one else has: a gigantic catalog with more than a thousand portable games. If they made a sort of Apple Arcade and created a service with thousands of games, they would reach 100 million subscribers willing to give it $ 5 a month.

Indeed considering all the old glories of Nintendo, the Japanese company would have an immense catalog of titles that it could use to make millions of players happy.

It is not clear if Pachter meant such a service on Nintendo Switch or on smartphone / PC, but the idea is certainly interesting.