GameStop Italy, through its official website, has communicated the reopening of some points of sale on Italian soil, following the emergency Coronavirus.

For the moment, some stores have been reopened Lombardy, and more shops from next week throughout Italy they will resume their activities.

The company said that the reopening of the stores has taken place in full compliance with the rules and safety, so as to ensure the health of its employees and customers, thus avoiding gatherings and relying on the provisions of the individual Regions and Municipalities.

We report below the official announcement:

In compliance with the regulatory provisions and following the latest Prime Ministerial Decree of 10 April 2020 and the provisions adopted by the individual Regions, we have reopened some stores in Lombardy and we are going to open others next week throughout Italy.

The principle used to define the gradual reopening was to analyze the processes by improving them together with our colleagues in the store so as to offer all those GSZ services to those who need them, always in compliance with the law and respecting the rules.

Since for GameStopZing the protection of our colleagues and customers, on which we work constantly, is the most important thing, we want to reassure and strongly affirm that all purchases will take place in total compliance with the regulations and collective health.

Our stores have been opened in compliance with all the safety procedures issued, also giving, we would like to emphasize, the possibility of returning to work in a completely voluntary way.

At the same time, the gradual reopening is allowing us to continually improve the whole process thanks to the feedback from our guys engaged in the store.
Since the beginning of this complicated period, we have worked tirelessly on the safety and collective health front, promptly closing all our stores and activating smart working for the headquarters staff.

These actions have allowed us to be able to protect our employees and guarantee all our customers the same services and the same efficiency through our e-commerce channel, enhanced thanks to great teamwork, in order to guarantee purchases in total safety, comfortably from home.

We have also activated an online conversion procedure for all the purchases booked in our stores: those who wish can conveniently purchase the booked product online using the deposit already paid in the store.
We believe in the value of our work and the satisfaction of our customers shows us every day that we have taken the right path.

Finally, we want to remember once again that all purchases, in this difficult moment that we hope will pass quickly, can be made online on our ecommerce and comfortably received at home.
The reopening of some of our stores is the first step towards a gradual return to normality on which, with tenacity, we are working and will also allow us to be able to protect thousands of jobs.

Finally, we must reiterate that no shopping rush has been communicated by us.
The invitation to all our customers to leave the house only if strictly necessary and to use our e-commerce for all purchases remains valid.

For others information you can visit the place or page Facebook GameStop, and we also invite you to go to the stores only if strictly necessary, in order to preserve your health and that of others.