Bethesda has formalized the launch of the Series 2 of DOOM Eterneal. Coffee and Camouflage, this is the name of the event chosen by the developers, offers different players new contents aesthetics playing the various modes of the shooter title.

DOOM Eternal Coffee and Camouflage

Today marks the beginning of a whole new series in DOOM Eternal! The arrival of series 2, called COFFEE AND CAMOUFLAGE, introduces a brand new collection of aesthetic items that players can unlock.

From today until May 14, players can unlock new weapon skins, icons, license plates and cool player skins by obtaining XP. Among the latter there are also the aristocratic Elemental skin of pain Toad King, the elusive camouflage Slayer skin and the holy Grail of all collectibles: the demonic caffeine-loving contained in the Master Archvile hipster collection.

Don't forget: you can progress through the series by simply completing the campaign levels, playing BATTLEMODE and completing the weekly challenges.

The developers also promoted new information also on the next series, which should arrive in DOOM Eternal over the next month.