It is not a mystery that Valve has some sympathy for other operating systems outside of Windows, so much so that Steam it also supports platforms like MacOS e Linux through the initiative Steam Play. In particular, in recent years, Gabe Newell's house has worked and invested countless resources in increasing the compatibility of its platform's securities portfolio with the Penguin's Open Source system, even going so far as to publish their own version of the Wine plug-in: Proton which, still today, is frequently supported and updated.

Steam LinuxIn fact, with the latest update (5.0.6), the compatibility layer adds further changes and improvements. The main novelty is the addition of support for Doom Eternal, the latest FPS license plate Id Software. In addition, the new version of Proton improves the performance of other titles that are not officially supported, including Resident Evil 3 Remake, through the new version of DXVK. To download Proton, simply enter the Steam settings and enable the appropriate Steam Play section. We remind you that to take full advantage of it, you need to update the driver of his own Video Card.