The health emergency linked to Covid-19 it is forcing the world's population to stay safe at home.

To invite gamers to comply with the quarantine, Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the initiative Play at Home, giving its users free video games, without the need to subscribe to the Playstation Plus service.

The titles chosen are Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection e Journey. The first is the collection of the first three chapters of the numbered saga N, in a remastered version, and which needs very few presentations (among other things, for subscribers the PS Plus service, the fourth chapter of the saga is available for free download); the second video game, Journey, is developed by thatgamecompany and it is a dynamic adventure, with very inspired and dreamlike atmospheres.

The two games will be downloaded for free starting from today April 16th until May 6th, and once redeemed they will always be available in your collection.

Sony also presented the appropriation of a $ 10 million fund, in order to support the community of independent developers in this difficult moment due to the Coronavirus.

In short, a really nice initiative from Sony.