Blizzard has officially announced the Overwatch launch of the new hero Echo, which exits the PTR afterwards a few weeks of testing, and the new one competitive mode without restrictions.

Load additional skill modules and play with Echo, new evolutionary robot and attack hero, on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

ECHO - Skill

  • Triple Hit (primary fire) - Echo fires three shots simultaneously, following a triangular pattern.
  • Sticky Bombs (secondary fire) - Echo throws a salvo of sticky bombs that explode after a short interval of time.
  • Flight (Shift) - Echo launches forward and then soars in flight.
  • Focusing Radius (E) - Echo emits a beam for a few seconds, dealing massive damage to targets with less than half health.
  • Duplication (Ultra) - Echo becomes a copy of a target enemy hero, gaining access to his abilities.
  • Planing (Passive) - Echo can glide during the fall.

Competitive Open Tail

The new competitive mode of Overwatch, called competitive open tail, has landed in Arcade and will be available for about four weeks. This mode uses the normal rules of competitive mode, including hero selection and a hero limit, but has no role restrictions or role queues.

Finally, Blizzard specified that, due to problems resulting from the quarantine situation, the official location of Echo will not be available today for some versions of Overwatch including the Italian one.