A few days ago, the name of Crysis he had returned to the limelight thanks to a tweet published by the game's official account.

The message, which reads "Receiving data", it is very concise and leaves more questions than answers.

In the past few hours, another tweet was posted from the tagged title account Crytek: "Hey Nomad, are you still with us?", citing the protagonist of the first chapter; therefore one thinks that Crytek is more inclined to one remaster or remake of the chapter in question, but it cannot be excluded that Nomad may return for a totally new game.

We must remember that nothing was posted on Crysis's Twitter account since 2016therefore it is now safe to think that Electronic Arts e Crytek they seriously intend to produce something related to the brand.

We just have to wait for more information from the developers, probably still through mysterious tweets.