Wrestling fans for a few years probably don't have to love 2K Games, as the quality of the games dedicated to this sport has dropped dramatically, reaching peaks with WWE 2k20, unfortunately in the negative.

For this reason, according to an insider, the software house stopped work by removing the development from Visual Concepts and entrusting it to a different team, not yet announced. At the moment there is no news on this matter, nor any confirmation since we are talking about rumor, but 2K Games will probably want to offer a more arcade gameplay, abandoning the realism of the last chapters that made everything too slow.

The coronavirus situation has also certainly influenced the development of WWE 2k21, so it was preferred to cancel this title to see it again in 2021 with WWE 2k22, although the insider's information, again, is not reassuring. In fact, the new chapter will still be technically linked to the old generation console, which could turn up the nose of those who would like a qualitative leap even in graphics.

Will it be true? We will know in the future, at the moment we just have to rely on the words of this insider.