Unfortunately for all those who are still fond of the title, the launch of the expansion wastelanders di Fallout 76 was sent back to 14 April because of the coronavirus. But if you want to fill the wait, the developers have released several details on the new content in the last few days, including a couple of videos showing the new boss in action and a glimpse of the new locations.

To begin we have a close encounter with a fearsome enemy: the Wendigo Colossus, a much worse version of the traditional Wendigo. Unlike its smaller counterpart, this one has three heads, a lot of resistance and above all the ability to make his younger cousins ​​pop out of nowhere. Certainly a battle that must not be let out of hand.

In this second video, however, we take a look at interactions with NPCs and new dialogues. In addition, the developers show how the daily quests which, among other awards, guarantee a handful of reputation for the faction system.

Finally, we have a map of the continent of Fallout 76 that lists which points can no longer be used to build their bases. Try to organize a quick move in case you are in one of these, otherwise you could wake up on the 14th without a home anymore.

Fallout 76