Despite everything, the holidays dedicated to Easter they are coming and with them, too Sword and Shield Pokémon is preparing to celebrate it with a Raid Max event popped out of an egg.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Easter EventStarting today until 15 April, wild lands will be invaded by an army of Baby Pokémon in version Dynamax. By participating in the Raids it will therefore be possible to capture specimens equipped not only with egg moves but also of high characteristics IV, depending on the degree of the selected raid.

Here is a list of the catchable Pokémon:

  • Cufant
  • Charmander
  • Trubbish
  • Toxel
  • Mantyke
  • Bonsly
  • Tyrogue
  • Budew
  • Togepi
  • Mime Jr.
  • Munchlax
  • Riolu
  • Cleffa
  • Wynaut
  • Pichu
  • Ditto

What are you waiting for? Take yours Nintendo Switch and start farming yours breeding guinea pigs.