I DLC are now something normal for today's video games, hated or not. In most cases, they infuriate players as they seem more pieces removed and sold apart than real additional content, but this certainly does not apply to The Witcher 3, which received two of the most full-bodied DLCs ever.

The same thing, or perhaps something even better, will happen with cyberpunk 2077. The president of the company, Adam Kicinski, Has in fact declared that the additional content of the highly anticipated title (coming to September) will be announced shortly before the release and that “they will at least be parts of The Witcher 3".

Considering that Hearts of Stone e Blood and Wine are among the DLC with the best quality / price ratio, or among the best, that have ever been developed, we can be sure about the future quality of the additional content of cyberpunk 2077.