Riot Games has never published its own software in the console environment. After 11 years of League of Legends the trend could reverse exactly with the new IP Valuing.

A question about the possibility of a conversion for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (or why not, for the next generation consoles) was a streamer known abroad with the nickname TimTheTatMan. During a conversation held by the Twitch user with the Riot lead designer, Trevor Romleski, it emerged that there is currently no such thing in the works, but such an option it is not strictly excluded for the future.

“We are currently focused on bringing Valorant to PC. Despite this, we are still open to exploring the possibilities that other platforms can guarantee. "

The opening of Romleski was certainly fleeting, but considering the work done by the competitors, the hypothesis of seeing the new tactical fps in the future also on other platforms is at least plausible.