First concrete samples of Playstation 5: a bit surprising, Sony has revealed the new official controller on its social channels and on the Playstation Blog.

Playstation 5

Dualense, this is the official name, revises the design of the DualShock 4 while retaining a good part of its functions and adding new ones.

“After careful consideration we have decided to keep intact most of the elements that the players have loved about DualShock4, adding new features and reviewing the design. In discussions with the developers, we concluded that touch controls, as well as audio, weren't a big focus for most games. With PS5, we have the opportunity to innovate, giving developers the opportunity to explore how far they can go in intensifying that feeling of immersion through our controller. This is why we added haptic feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations while playing, such as driving a car in the mud. We have also included adaptive triggers on the DualSense L2 and R2 buttons so that you can feel the feeling of tension in your actions, like holding a bow to shoot an arrow. "

The key Share it is no longer present on the controller, replaced by that Create. A button specially designed for the creation and sharing of gameplay created on your Playstation 5, whose functions will be explored in the future.

DualSense also features a built-in microphone, useful for taking advantage of in-game voice chats, even if Sony itself still recommends a headset for extended gaming sessions.

Playstation 5

What certainly catches the eye are the shades of the pad, black and white. A choice that probably also recalls those of the console:

“Usually, our controllers have only one color. As you can see, this time we changed direction and decided to use two tones. In addition, we changed the positioning of the light bar. In DualShock 4 it was on the "tip" of the controller, now it is on the sides of the touchpad, giving it a wider appearance ".

Sony therefore officially warms up the engines. The official reveal of Playstation 5?