Death StrandingDeath Stranding, the latest effort by Kojima Productions, showed the muscles of the Decima Engine, the proprietary graphics engine of Guerrilla Games. Someone, however, decided to show how the gaming experience could translate if lived in VR.

KingCeryn has in fact created a tech demo of Hideo Kojima's work using Unity and importing some models and textures from the original title.

Taking into account how it is only a technical demonstration, made by a single person in less than a month (with all that follows in terms of details), it is an interesting experiment aimed at showing the possibilities of a VR version of the Japanese author's title.

As confirmed by KingCeryn, Death Stranding: Porter (this is the official title) consists of a whole map, enemies and biomes. There are also weather conditions, bosses, vehicles and missions.

The author has no plans for a publication of his work, but it is possible get a taste of it in a video uploaded on his youtube channel. In the hope that, perhaps, even Hideo Kojima himself will be convinced to create a VR version of Death Stranding ...