Borderlands ScienceIf you have ever dreamed of giving the real world a concrete hand simply by playing video games, Borderlands Science it could be for you. Announced today, it is a very particular title, playable within Borderlands 3, which contributes to the mapping of the intestinal microbiota.

How to read it in the official announcement, an arcade cabinet made its appearance in Borderlands 3 and, more precisely, inside the infirmary of Patricia Tannis. With it it will be possible to play Borderlands Science, a mini-game developed in collaboration with McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science and The Microsetta Initiative which allows to bring concrete help to the scientific community.

The game is a block puzzle game based on DNA strings and solving these puzzles makes it possible "Help to map and compare the microbes contained in them".

The official note explains so the reasons behind the creation of Borderlands Science:

“One of the reasons for the existence of Borderlands Science is that computers are not perfect in organizing this data and make many small mistakes that can alter subsequent analyzes, but the game in which you will try to solve this complex task is easy to understand and play. Colored boxes arranged on a grid represent the various nucleotides. By pushing them into their columns, you will try to organize them into the correct rows. It is not always possible to correctly align all the boxes, but trying these puzzles is still useful to identify the errors of the computerized analyzes ".

In addition to in-game rewards which will be obtainable by experimenting with the game, therefore, concrete help can be given to scientific research. But in what way?

“If you are wondering what practical applications the data collected through Borderlands Science could have, it is easy to say: the human intestine is connected to various ailments and pathologies such as diabetes, depression, autism, anxiety, obesity and others. Hopefully, mapping these microbes will help researchers better understand these ecosystems and pave the way for future research on new treatments and interventions. "

For more information on this undoubtedly interesting initiative and its methods, you can consult the website of The Microsetta Initiative e