When we hear about Fortnite we often find the name of Ninja, the most famous streamer dedicated to the game of epic Games.

Also this time Tyler Blevins (his real name) has not lost an opportunity to be talked about, hurling against anyone who plays Fortnite using a controller, comparing it to those who use an aimbot.

These are his words:

I tried to play several times with a controller on PC; I played competitive games both with controller and with mouse and keyboard. Well, you can't tell me that having a controller isn't like taking advantage of the aimbot.

In practice, if you play on console and via console, you are using an aimbot.

For sure Assisted targeting on consoles helps more and makes things easier, but on the other hand, not having it would leave a huge advantage to those who play with keyboard and mouse. Is the truth in the middle?