2020, unless sensational postponements, will be the year of the next gen with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Hardware aside, which always makes people argue, what's important is the software support and he wanted to dwell on this Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division.

Spencer has declared and at launch there won't be many Xbox Series X games, but Microsoft is thinking of a more studied calendaring for its titles. Just as Nintendo did with Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (the only major launch game), Microsoft will also want launch the new console with a single great title (probably Halo Infinite) and then publish others in the following months, without any of these trampling the others.

These are his words:

“You don't need to have eight games available at launch. The success of the platform does not depend on the first day, but on the constant flow of games that will come from both the first party and the third parties. "

A shareable thought, that could lead Xbox Series X to success: only when the new console arrives on the market will we be able to see if this philosophy will reward Microsoft as Switch did with Nintendo; What do you think about it?