Within the event "Offer from the publisher Xbox Games Studios"Announced just in these hours on Steam, the imminent landing in the store of has been revealed Sea of ​​Thieves.

To date the title, at least for the PC market, the game in question has been relegated to Windows Store official of Microsoft. According to the description of the dedicated shop page, the game seems already updated to the latest version. They will be well five expansions in fact already present. The unknowns are above all the price with which the title will be sold on the Valve platform and the possible possibility of cross play.

Being Sea of ​​Thieves present in the Xbox Game Pass PC, many users are taking advantage of the offer 3 months for only 1,00 Euro to be able to play with it. This factor is therefore not to be underestimated. The goodness of this operation is therefore entirely to be verified.