Even in a happy and carefree world like that of Sword and Shield Pokémon there are individuals willing to do anything to break the system and take advantage of it. In this case, a new one has been discovered exploit which allows losers in competitive games to cancel the fight entirely. The operation is quite simple, and its increasingly frequent use is ruining the online classified games of the title.

Activating the bug is extremely easy. After losing a match, simply press the Switch's power button at a specific time: this causes the console to disconnect from the network. The system goes haywire, the battle is canceled, the winner does not gain competitive points and the loser does not lose any.

At present, the players of Pokémon Sword and Shield are complaining that most of their victories are nullified by this exploit, and it has become impossible to climb the rankings unless you use them. Hopefully Game Freak will hurry to fix it. In the meantime, you should probably take a break and maybe observe a different type of battle, like the one between Pokémon and TemTem.