Let's face it: we all like to make fun of couriers and the bold way they handle our deliveries. We spend time imagining how these honest workers take our very fragile package and throw it on the truck with the bearing of an amateur weight thrower, being careful to do it bounce two or three times against the walls. If you also want to immerse yourself in this fantasy, we point out that Totally Reliable Delivery Service it's free on Epic Games Store.

In this mix of party games and sandboxes, we can play alone or join our friends for complete a delivery "at the least worst". As can be guessed from the graphics and the trailer, in fact, we have another pearl of bad commands, non-existent physics and that comedy that only the wildest idiocy can give. Especially when it doesn't ask you to open your wallet.

Offer expires April 8 at 17pm. There is time, but hurry up if you don't want to miss another title for free. We also remind you that it is still possible to obtain for a few hours Rayman Legends without spending a single penny.