THEhorror it is one of the most common primordial sensations, which each of us, in its most varied forms and meanings, has certainly experienced at least once in a lifetime. Without a doubt, as gamers, we interface with fear staged by developers and designers of different titles is certainly not a new experience. Indeed, one could say that we are almost there accustomed. But you never get used to certain experiences, and would rather try to more and more. This Capcom knows it well: it is useless to go around it, its series survival-horror flagship, Resident Evil, has entertained and still entertains generations of gamers. After the misstep represented by the sixth chapter, the Osaka software house has been able to correct the shot and, in a short time, return to be loved by the fans. This first with a seventh different chapter, innovative and in countertrend; then, with an exciting remake of Resident Evil 2. Today, he bets again and tries again with Resident Evil 3 Remake, repetition of the adventures of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira that had seen the light in 1999. Will Capcom be able to replicate the success of last year? The answer is not as simple as it seems, and is accompanied, among other things, by numerous doubts and uncertainties. But let's go in order.

Raccoon City, 1998

The story begins exactly in Raccoon City, one day before the events narrated in the second chapter. We are in the shoes of a Jill Valentine strongly proven from the experiences lived at Villa Spencer. Suspended from service, the protagonist is about to leave the city to report the horrors that are taking place to the world. However, Umbrella appears to have plans quite different. While in her apartment, Jill's phone call with a certain character is interrupted byarrival of the Nemesis, a two-meter beast specially designed by the aforementioned biotechnology company to silence the last remaining members of STARS Jill is however saved in extremis by Carlos Oliveira. His plan is to restart the city's subway to guarantee a chance for the few survivors left. Thus began our attempt to escape from Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

On the streets of the city

From a gameplay perspective, Resident Evil 3 Remake is almost unchanged than the predecessor. The movement and pointing system is substantially the same, also thanks to the same graphic engine. It is therefore possible to move in all directions and make your way by defeating the infected with every weapon at our disposal. A change noteworthy it is however represented by the dodge. If in the remake of last year this was not particularly effective, here if done at the right time it reveals itself really useful: allows you to slow down time and counterattack the enemy in turn with more precision. Also, in this makeover the knife it is not a consumable. Of course, it no longer allows you to break free from enemy grips, but it is still an excellent defense tool, especially when you need to ascertain if a zombie is actually dead. In short, the gameplay shows no major changes, remaining anchored to the stylistic features of RE2 Remake. However, it is impossible not to notice the spirit blatantly more action which distinguishes this episode. The game map, whatever the area we are exploring, is dotted significantly with electric generators and explosive barrels, which allow you to get rid of many enemies on the screen at the same time.

Also, forget the pressure evoked by having to carefully dose the available ammunition. Despite a reduced initial inventory space, in Resident Evil 3 Remake the shots abound considerably. Not really a good thing, since one of the strengths of the previous chapter had been to be able to test the player's thrift and common sense, effectively forcing him to use his arsenal critically. Concept that instead, in this episode, is absent, in favor of a definitely more gaming feeling dynamic and permissive, but for this reason slightly less exciting. This also translates into a general rearrangement of the game difficulty, which is much less difficult than the previous remake. Fun is however secured, but sorry to see the component survival definitely more neglected and overshadowed than last year.

Longevity, exploration and problem solving? Never heard of it before

Another great element impossible to ignore in Resident Evil 3 Remake is the linearity of the levels and almost total absence of puzzles. As for the first point, the previous chapter had thrilled us with a truly reasoned, studied, rich and complex layout plan. And maybe he got used to it very good. In this episode, with the exception of the initial setting and the first sections of the game, structured on different buildings and secondary roads that can be explored, the stage is dominated by almost unidirectional, where all we have to do is go from point A to point B on the map. Among other things, the narrative crossroads in the original chapter, as well as the settings of the Clock Tower and Raccoon Park have been, with good surprise, removed. And that wouldn't be a problem either, since the game sessions turn out anyway funny stimulants.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

To make matters worse, as mentioned above, there is the question of the riddles not received. Always a distinctive and characteristic sign of the series, in this re-release neither Jill nor much less we can see its shadow. Leaving aside some of them present in a completely sporadic way during the adventure, from this point of view we remain with a bitter taste, and one cannot help but wonder why this questionable design choice. Further disappointment is represented by a longevity reduced to the bone. Wanting to stay wide, the campaign can be safely completed in 4-5 hours of play, including in the count also the time spent on deaths, loading and various cut-scenes. If it is true that the duration of the original chapter was also similar, at Capcom it would have been enough to re-propose the good things done last year, with two playable campaigns, each with two alternative routes. Of course, here at the end of the adventure we are given a score and a rank influenced by the amount of hits used, sustained deaths and rescues made, but it has nothing to do with certainly of sufficient mechanics to stimulate replayability.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

A well-told story

On the other hand, the script for Resident Evil 3 Remake manages to lift at least partially the situation. Numerous changes, now more now less evident, to the narrative of the game, starting fromincipits Adventure. However, these do not represent a negative point: you may or may not appreciate them, but in the end they are still strictly personal tastes. However, it is the characterization of the characters that has been particularly cured. Both the two protagonists and the supporting actors are well developed, made more credible, and their motivations are able to provide him with the right emphasis, making them more than just specks. Nothing transcendental of course, but anyway we are talking about a level of writing and a care in the development of the actors on stage that leaves pleasantly surprised.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Voltage only apparent

Special mention deserves the real core of Resident Evil 3 Remake, the Nemesis. The modified version of Tyrant, the main antagonist of Jill, Carlos and the entire STARS over time ended up being a real icon the series and, in particular, the third chapter dated 1999. Too bad that, on this occasion, the developers they did not know how to do it justice. Do not give rise to marketing influences and trailers of the last few months: the Nemesis is not our shadow, but ends up being that of himself. True, in the early stages this colossus intimidates, terrifies and frightens a lot: but it is mainly because of our inexperience and our little preparation. Continuing the adventure, the arsenal in our possession becomes more and more varied and dangerous. Consequently, the Nemesis ends early for lose that terrible aura of invincibilityrather reducing to an occasional enemy to slow down in certain situations. Even in comparison to Mister X, Umbrella's latest weapon seems not to have the same terrifying charisma of its polygonal counterpart. A real shame, especially considering that the mysterious enemy was, on balance, the promotional mascot of the game.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

Artistically and technically firm

From an artistic and technical point of view, Resident Evil 3 Remake does well though admirably. The atmosphere of a devastated and collapsed Raccoon City is masterfully recreated. The streets are in total chaos, almost every citizen has been infected and the few survivors left do everything to save themselves. Despair, madness, and the dismal degradation of the environments are materially palpable, especially in some specific game sections. Technically speaking, the tested PlayStation 4 version is stable on 60 FPS and it does not show declines or slowdowns in almost any situation. Except for the more distant enemies, which instead seem to be be on the hunt for frames, rather than brains. Nothing to shout about the scandal, it is clear, but these are small uncertainties that break the atmosphere and the rhythm of the game that a RE Engine polished he managed to create.

United WE resist ... maybe

Maybe aware of the shortcomings and gaps scattered along the path traced by Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom this year has tried to replenish the dish by offering us this unpublished Resident Evil Resistance, an appendix exclusively dedicated to multiplayer. These are games involving five players in total, four in the role of survivors and one in the guise of Mastermind. The task of the latter is to strive to make sure that the other four players cannot escape. To achieve his intent, the player who plays him must observe the other survivors through cameras and place through some cards different obstacles, be they zombies, dogs, traps, traps or real firearms. It can also resort tobiological weapon, a powerful enemy capable of putting other players to the test. For their part, these must think about escaping within a certain time interval, removing the obstacles of the Mastermind, by purchasing items from the Shop and enhancing their skills. All while solving various puzzles within the playing area. Eliminate threats Mastermind fa gain extra time while taking damage or worse, dying, it significantly reduces. It is, in short, a light and unpretentious device, but it represents nothing more than a simple pastime.

A step that does not fully convince

Despite being a fully valid and enjoyable title, Resident Evil 3 Remake does not stand up to comparison with the excellent work done by Capcom with the adventures of Leon and Claire. Maybe the company's first move not entirely successful after the series of successes of recent times, one would say. It still remains a Resident Evil, and as such lovers of the genre and fans of the saga should not miss it. They should, perhaps, deal with it less enthusiasm compared to what would have been reasonable to expect, and this, needless to say, is a real sin. Especially if you were looking forward to it, the advice is not to give up reliving the events of Jill and associates. Aware, however, ofmissed opportunity and the fact that, most likely, it could and should have been Do more.