With the approach of the new videogame generation and the various technological advances, the latest titles are starting to be quite challenging for current consoles. Already Call of duty warzone, the free battle royale of Modern Warfare, required that many players empty their memory to frame their 100 gb. Now, it seems that Final Fantasy VII Remake will need as much storage space.

Some rumors about the weight of the title had already arrived in the past, and we had told you about it in this article. Now we also have a second confirmation, which could be the final one. With the broken day one and physical copies of the game already on the go, some lucky individuals who have already got hold of Final Fantasy VII Remake are documenting their joy on social media, including the our case of interest below.

From the photos you can clearly see that the back of the cover indicates the file size, which as anticipated is of 100 gb. Despite the date, it's unlikely to be an April Fool given the quality of the packaging - or it's one really well thought out joke.