The first official event of Animal Crossing: New Horizon è finally arrived. Starting the game, updated to the latest version, from today we will be catapulted into the Easter-themed event. The planned activities will take place until 12th Aprilprecisely on Easter day, therefore finding their climax in the Bunny Day. To orchestrate this very nice event we think Ovidio a nice and restless rabbit already known several years ago on New Leaf.

Let's get to know the Easter bunny

The first advisable task to perform is definitely go meet Ovid. The pet will travel around the island, but you should be able to locate it more easily near the Service Center

He himself will provide a brief explanation of the event to the player: there are hidden eggs around the island. By collecting them they can be reused as crafting material. Every day spent on Animal Crossing until Bunny Day is reached, Ovid will hide in the most disparate points of the island some recipes regarding themed objects and furnishings. By collecting each recipe, the player will receive a fantastic prize on Easter day.

We are looking for eggs

In these twelve days Animal Crossing players can collate well six kinds of eggs. These are scattered throughout the island and you will have to collect them exactly like the other resources.

The easiest to find are obviously terrestrial and leafy eggs. In fact, it is sufficient to scroll the trees equipped with these objects instead of fruits and dig in the furrows clearly visible on the ground to be able to obtain them at will. The same goes for rocky eggs, which are granted to us through rocks like minerals. The celestial typology is instead granted by blowing up balloon gifts these days. Finally, aquatic eggs remain, which behave exactly like fish, and wooded ones. The latter are probably the most difficult to find. It is necessary to hit many trees with a hatchet to be able to get some.

Please note: however, we strongly recommend, in case you are in a hurry, to look for these eggs inside the procedural islands that can be visited with the Nook Coupons. In the islands the number of removable eggs will in fact be very high!

The treasure hunt on Animal Crossing doesn't end there

Looking for eggs isn't the only treasure hunt these past few days on Animal Crossing: New Horizon. Our inhabitant must necessarily also find all the recipes in order to somehow make the hunted eggs fruit. The recipes are randomly found in one of the following ways:

  • Bursting balloons
  • Collecting messages in the bottle
  • Getting them from our neighbors
  • Obtaining it from Ovid
  • Collating a large number of eggs

It is therefore necessary every day to speak as much as possible with the residents of the island of Animal Crossing and with Ovid, in the hope of being given a much sought after recipe. In addition, dedicated schemes will be unlocked by reaching a precise number of collected eggs, such as 12 rocky or 15 aquatic eggs. So never stop from the harvest.

It's Time to Craft!

By the 12th April you should therefore be able to find all the patterns of the objects required. Some will require a large number of eggs to be used for the scheme, so be patient. Here is a list (which will be updated in the coming days):

Bunny Day Schemes:

  • Bed
  • Table
  • Wall Clock
  • Garland
  • Underfloor
  • Corona
  • Enclosure
  • shorty
  • Easter lights
  • Wardrobe
  • MY BAG
  • Lamp
  • balloons
  • Party balloons
  • Mirror

For each type of egg three garments will also be craftable, such as headgear, dress and shoes.

Bunny Day!

Arrived on April 12, and having found all the schemes, the player will only have to go to Ovid to collect the much coveted reward! The special prize of this Animal Crossing event, however, is a surprise!