Wasteland 3, rolistic title developed by inXile Entertainment, in beta testing right in days. has been officially postponed. The cause is obviously to be found in the emergency coronavirus. Below is the official release of Brian Fargo:

“Like most companies, a few weeks ago we started working from home and all of this introduced new challenges that many of us around the world have learned to manage. We are delighted to see that the Beta of Wasteland 3 has been received so well, but due to these new logistical challenges, the release date has changed.

We have excellent relationships with Microsoft and Deep Silver and they support our desire to ensure the launch of the game in the best possible circumstances and to have a few extra months to make sure the game is stellar on day one. With all this in mind, the new release date for Wasteland 3 is August 28, 2020.

In this period of time we will get to work on all the feedback and suggestions from the Beta, optimizing, redefining and perfecting the game ensuring that we have a fantastic cooperative experience. We are putting our heart into this title and we just want to have an extraordinary launch for a product we really believe in.

We appreciate everyone's enthusiasm and support and will use these coming months to assure you that on day one, Wasteland 3 will be the experience you've been waiting for for some time. "

Wasteland 3 will not arrive more so on our Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on May 19th, but on the 28 August. We trust that our community of readers will also be able to understand the problems related to the current situation.