ArtifactWith an announcement in the related section on Steam, Valve has announced the imminent departure of a closed beta for the relaunch of Artifact.

The card game, created initially with the collaboration of Richard Garfield, was released in November 2018 resulting in a resounding commercial failure. In recent days it has been Gabe Newell in person to confirm that the project was far from abandoned and that the team was working on its relaunch.

"We focused on changes to the gameplay" reads in the note, “The most important one is zooming out, which allows the player to control all three game lanes simultaneously. Most effects still work on individual lanes, so they will remain unchanged, but a player is less likely to be left out as before. ".

The other big news concerns the commercial model, given that in Artifact it will not be possible to buy cards or packages and monetization will focus on other aspects: all your collection will be built playing.

In this regard, the gaming experience has been made more user-friendly:

“We also focused on making the game easier to learn. We don't sell cards, so you won't have to face an opponent with too strong a deck. We have also added a new draft mode, the Hero Draft, where you can try building decks without undue stress. ".

Artifact Beta 2.0 does not yet have an official date. Valve has however confirmed that further details will be provided close to his departure first invitations will come to players who purchased the game in its previous version.