World of Warcraft Classic it is without a doubt one of Blizzard's most successful moves in recent years. Re-proposing the classic experience of the first release of the most famous MMORPG in the world has met with considerable success, so much so that it has been posed question about the future of the trend to the developers.

In these hours the software house has in fact called a survey among some of its users, asking clear questions about a possible return of The Burning Crusade. The first expansion distributed brought a lot of news to the players at the time and now it could return to the center of attention. Blizzard is questioning not only the approval of the aforementioned proposal, but also the mode with which this should take place. World of Warcraft Classic upgrade or stand alone product? This is the question.

Whatever the choice made, we can only prove enthusiastic about the possibility of relive the adventures proposed 13 years ago. Are you ready to face good old Illidan again?