Browsing online you will find hundreds of images of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in which the inhabitant wears eccentric clothes, often inspired by anime or video games, up to real cosplay. You can also notice beautiful paintings or personalized wallpaper, as well as paths, flower beds and whoever has more.

Making your own customized models is easy: just use the application in our Nook Phone. The basic version allows you to create single images, such as posters or flags, while the expansion must be purchased at the Nook point For in order to create models of clothes, which need multiple sides (front, back and two sleeves).

Author code: MA-5531-5085-5085

For those who are not particularly fond of pixel art, or in any case want to have access to a whole world of creations, it is also possible to import the works of other users. This can be done in two ways.

Scan the QR codes

One of the ways in which it is possible to share and acquire personalized models is through the QR codes, exactly as it happened on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The QR codes can be single, to give rise to an image on a single facade, or four different for the various sides of the clothes, as explained above. To get the latter you obviously need to have the Pro version of the application available.

A (nice) example of a QR code

Here's how:

  • Download the application on your smartphone Nintendo Switch Online and log in with your MyNintendo account
  • After starting Animal Crossing: New Horizons,press the button - on the screen where the title appears, to open Settings. There you can connect the game to the Nintendo Switch Online application that we downloaded, thus obtaining Nook Link
  • Open the Nintendo Switch Online application on your smartphone and select it Nook Link, and then Models

  • From this screen we can scan the QR code of an image or the four QR codes of a garment. You can scan them one at a time: once done, you need to save it in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. To do this, we need to open the application of Custom Templates in Nook Phone and press the + button, then selecting the slot where to save it. This must be repeated every time, otherwise the scan will be lost.

  • There are sites like this which allow you to create images on an online scheme and transform them directly into a QR code, as well as to search for them in an archive

All the old QR codes made in Animal Crossing: New Leaf are compatible, except those linked to cardboard shapes in which to insert the face to take a photo.

Share and get model codes

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there is a second way to share your creations, and it is by using the monitor in the Ago e Filo store. Obviously you need to have it built on your island.

Author Code: MA-7213-7826-3005

By accessing the pink terminal located at the bottom of the shop, you can get your own creator code and also obtain those of each individual model. You can therefore share the code of a dress made by us, or that of the entire catalog of our works. At the same time you can search for a work by another player or all of his works, and save what we prefer in our application of custom models. Also in this case it is necessary to have the Pro version in order to create and share clothes, which require more than one facade. You will find many on the Reddit dedicated.